2012 Beaver Creek Winter & Summer Ad Campaign

We recently released the imagery from the 2012 winter and summer ad campaign for Beaver Creek Resort. I had the pleasure of working with the talented creative director, Olaf Richter,  from Genesis in Denver, CO.

Olaf wanted the imagery to have an aspirational, dreamlike quality, more polished, less improvised. He spoke about the magic and warmth of the light playing off the refined sophistication that is Beaver Creek. I was so excited when we had our first conference call. Both my producer Lisa Schrag and I were so thrilled when we opened our email to find line drawings instead of a bunch of stock photos put together in layouts! Kind of a throw back to a not so distant era. I was so excited to begin this assignment! We shot the winter portion last April and the summer in August.

We had scouted the winter locations the week before, and fortunately I had shot plates of all locations. Turned out, there was no snow on the trees for a couple of locations when the shoot began, so I was able to use those plates thanks to the steady hand of Adam and his crew at http://sugardigital.com/. The funniest challenge was we needed a 9 foot snowman, and with the warm spring temperatures we weren’t sure if we would actually be able to make one. Despite a late effort to have a prop builder deliver one, we decided to go for it as it snowed the night before! I do believe this was Olaf’s proudest moment!

Here are the first two ads released as well as the original photography and some of the drawings. For a more in depth look, I have included the original Beaver Creek Shoot Brief. It’s always exciting to see the concepts come to fruition.

Time Lapse of the snowman build: snowman 30fps-h.264 5000

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2011 Art Directors Club of Denver Top Honors!

Thank you Art Directors Club of Denver for  recognizing my “Night Series” with the Top Honor at the annual awards show.


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One Ski Hill Place


VIDEO shooting at 12,000 feet!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated my blog. Actually been more active on Twitter & Facebook. Here’s a recap of some recent shoots.

April was a busy month. We started out shooting a great job for Cultivator Advertising for their client, One Ski Hill Place at the base of Breckenridge. First time both art director, Rich Rodgers and myself have done a shoot in the comfort of our terry cloth robes! One image was shot on the deck of our condo! However, the rest of the shoot was quite a bit more challenging due to the ever changing weather and (wind!). Here’s some production stills and video, along with a few finished images for the campaign.

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This past fall I was fortunate to receive an assignment for Lexus Magazine about Brad Ludden and the First Descents program he started at age 18.. This was a humbling experience for me. Brad, a long time professional kayaker started this program for young adults with cancer as part of the process to recovery. What better way to begin this journey than in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Here is the online version of the story and a few images from the shoot.


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Winter X Games

Another great weekend of X games here in Aspen. This marked the tenth year in a row for this weekend of winter gravity goodness. ESPN continued to step up huge and added a nice chunk of real estate and created a rail jam park. My son was very fortunate and  honored to compete for 3 days in this wonderful venue in the midst of the spectacle that is Winter X. Here’s a frame of Eric Angus from Fridays jam session. Thanks also to Verizon for putting up $5000 in prize money for Saturdays USASA Rail Jam Finals!

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Turning a new page in portfolio showings

Last week, my awesome rep, Lisa Button and I spent a day doing portfolio showings in Denver & Boulder. Thank you all who participated at The Integer Group, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, and Sterling Rice Group. I truly had a great time meeting all the creatives and appreciate everyone taking time out of their busy day to see my work. It’s fun to see how people respond to certain images too!

This was the first time I used an iPad in a portfolio showing. Overall, I think people enjoyed this new tool. Some thought it was better than a printed book, others agree that it’s a great supplement, especially for showing new work. Even better, it allowed me to show my motion work.

I’ve spent the past week customizing my iPad with branding and better presentation options including a new book specifically for the iPad.

Embracing the technology!

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Kraft Lunchables Ad campaign

Thanks to all the great folks at McGarry Bowen and Kraft Lunchables for a most excellent shoot this past week. I’m off on another job tomorrow morning but wanted to post a few productions stills. Brrrr, that last shot was chilly!

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Fox Games

Since the Dark Knight Project only comes out at night, we found time during daylight hours to visit the Denver Art Museum! I particularly loved this exhibit titled “Fox Games” by Sandy Skoglund. Although this is only one perspective, it filled an entire room, combining theater, sculpture and color.

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The Dark Knight Project

We’ve been busy bidding on jobs but I found time to head to Denver to finish a project I am so excited about called The Dark Knight. Parkour meets Gotham City. More to come, but this project was so fun and creative, I may not be able to stop. Here’s a sneak preview, straight out of camera with no retouching.

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A few images from a recent shoot for Lexus Mag shot in Boulder, CO. Snow is now falling in the Rocky Mountains. I’m still finishing motion work for my demo reel and it doesn’t involve snow! Yikes!

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